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Khor Style Tai Chi is modified Yang Style Tai Chi, this is because Yang Style Tai Chi favours right handed movements, and lacks some left side movements. Khor style Tai Chi addresses the imbalance with equal left & right movements. This brings it in line with the Tai Chi philosophy of the Yin Yang principle.

Khor Style Tai Chi follows the principles laid down in the classics as its foundation as it is in the Wu Hao Style (Scholars Tai Chi). Khor Style also recognises the influences of Xing-Yi and Ba-Gua as in Sun Style Tai Chi and also the influences of other Qigong traditions and great scholars like Hua Tao's Five Animals, the famous Zen Buddhist's Shaolin Temple Lohan Qigong, the Ancient Yellow Emperor's Tao Yin and traditional massage methods.

The Australian Academy of Tai Chi began in 1976 by Grandmaster Gary Khor who wanted to share his experience and passion of health through the ancient slow moving martial art Tai Chi. The Academy aims to offer the people of Australia "The exercise art of Tai Chi" with excellent resultant benefits such as good health, fitness, relaxation and the ability to move through life skilfully.

Grandmaster Gary Khor, Aaron Khor & local Instructors run morning and night classes in the whole of New South Wales. Local areas include Sydney, Wollongong, Orange, Lismore, Ballina, Gunnedah, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and the Central Coast region. All Tai Chi classes are lead by certified AATC instructors.

Classes are also available in Queensland with Master Rod Ferguson and Western Australia with Chief Instructor Monika & John Wong. Contact Rosemary Palmer for classes in South Australia.

Beginners are first taught Shibashi 1, 2 or X, which are sets of 18 exercises. This gives beginners the foundation of the Tai Chi form. From these exercises you will learn parts of the 108 movements of the Khor Tai Chi Yang Style Form and over a number of terms, you feel ready to progress further. You will also learn specialised Qigong exercises, such as the Lotus, Wild Goose, Eight Golden Treasures, Dao Yin, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Xin Qi (Five Animal Frolics) and Lohan. Continue to improve your Tai Chi journey by learning how to use the body and wield weapons to enhance your understanding of Tai Chi. The Academy teaches the Yin Yang sword, Dragon Phoenix Fan, Immortal Flute and the Pole.

Tai Chi has major health benefits for people who have Chronic pain, Asthma, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, lower back pain, Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimers, and Aches & Pains. The exercises are suitable for people who are undergoing rehabilitation from a hip/knee reconstruction or replacement or those who just want to increase balance, stability, mobility and flexibility. Tai Chi is the number one exercise and known for preventing falls. The Academy offers preventing falls. The Academy has falls prevention programs available run by Grandmaster Gary Khor, Aaron Khor and Master Rod Ferguson.

Video of Grandmaster Gary Khor performing Flute and Pole, Shibashi 1, Shibashi 2, Shibashi X Tai Chi Level 1 and Tao Yin.

Video of Aaron Khor demonstrating Tai Chi, Eight Golden Treasures and the Wu Dang Sword and Horse Tail Whip

Video of Master Rod Ferguson demonstrating Dragon Phoenix Fan

The Academy provides a number of services including group activities, private group sessions, local classes, demonstrations, workshops, seminars and fantastic china tours. View photos and videos of the Academy's history.

If you have been thinking of learning this wonderful low impact exercise, why not come along and give it a go? Details of a class near you can be found on the classes page.

There are also free Tai Chi lessons held in the park each term in Sydney Newcastle, Wollongong and Central Coast, Queensland & Western Australia.Everyone and all ages are welcome, start now and do not wait any longer!

Contact us:

Sydney: 02 9797 9355

Western Australia: 08 9434 1338

Queensland: 07 3358 1955


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