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The Australian Academy of Tai Chi is the first School to ever do a session on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Grandmaster Gary Khor, Master Aaron Khor run classes in the Canada Bay Club in Five Dock, local Instructors run morning and night classes in the whole of New South Wales. Classes are also available in Queensland with Senior Master Rod Ferguson, Western Australia with Master Monika & Chief Instructor John Wong and New Zealand with Trish Miller. New Zealand is our latest expansion in the academy.

Contact Rosemary Palmer for classes in South Australia.

Tai Chi has major health benefits for people who have Chronic pain, Asthma, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, lower back pain, Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimers, and Aches & Pains. The exercises are suitable for people who are undergoing rehabilitation from a hip/knee reconstruction or replacement or those who just want to increase balance, stability, mobility and flexibility.

Classes are available in different centres at different locations: Five Dock Canada Bay Club, Kariong Neighbourhood Centre, 'The Place' Charlestown Community Centre

Tai Chi is the number one exercise and known for preventing falls. The Academy offers preventing falls. The Academy has falls prevention programs available run by Grandmaster Gary Khor, Master Aaron Khor and Senior Master Rod Ferguson.

Video of Grandmaster Gary Khor performing Flute and Pole, Shibashi 1, Shibashi 2, Shibashi X Tai Chi Level 1 and Tao Yin.

Video of Master Aaron Khor demonstrating Tai Chi, Eight Golden Treasures and the Wu Dang Sword and Horse Tail Whip

Master Aaron Khor featured in Bicycling Australia Magazine of how Tai Chi can help cyclists improve.

Video of Senior Master Rod Ferguson demonstrating Dragon Phoenix Fan

The Academy provides a number of services including group activities, private group sessions, local classes, demonstrations, workshops, seminars and fantastic china tours. View photos and videos of the Academy's history.

Contact us:

Sydney - Head Office: 02 9797 9355

Western Australia: 08 9434 1338

Queensland: 07 3358 1955


Wollongong Workshop Tai Chi & Eight Golden Treasures with Grandmaster Gary Khor

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China Tour - Tibet Shangri-La Stone Forest Tour 2018

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AATC 41st Annual Seminar

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