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Master Aaron was featured in the current issue of the Bicycling Australia Magazine (March/April 2017). The article was written by Sophia Auld, a senior Physiotherapist & Pilates instructor with 25 year experience.

“Tai Chi is a mind-body-spirit exercise system, connecting the practitioner's mental concentration, deep breathing and physical actions. Two of its key principles are balance and relaxation”.


BALANCED ENERGY Tai Chi helps you maintain peak physical and mental health. Fosters your state of relaxed

alertness, often termed being in "the zone" or "flow."

BETTER BREATHING Tai Chi’s deep diaphragmatic breathing increases lung capacity, strengthen performances.

PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE Help athletes to improve performance with posture, body awareness, and balance.

IMMUNITY Tai Chi strengthens immune system by increasing T cells in the body. Adding Tai Chi to your training routine could help prevent illness and training lay-offs.

ENERGY FOR LIFE Qi flows through the body’s meridians. Each meridian connects the outside of the body to an internal organ. Tai Chi is said to improve vital internal energy, boosting performance by making you a stronger person from within. "The qi circulates through your body and maintains the wellbeing of the body". "It pushes the blood, sends energy to all the joints, makes you perform better and be a healthier, more energized person."

The benefits of exercise are well documented. No matter what your age or shape, regular exercise will not only help tone your body, strengthen your muscles, keeps your bones strong and improve your skin, it has also been proven to increase relaxation, better sleep and mood and strengthen immune function.

Importantly, recent research has shown that a sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for many chronic health conditions.

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