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Grandmaster Gary Khor has practiced Feng Shui for more than 35 years. Brought up in a traditional Chinese family, his skills were honed from a very young age. He is founder and president of the Feng Shui Academy of China and has trained many Feng Shui consultants through his Feng Shui courses.

There are times in our lives when everything seems to 'click' into place. We feel balanced, harmonious and most importantly, we feel happy. For thousands of years, the Chinese have studied the pursuit of happiness. They realisaed that while luck, fate and the will of gods are significant players in our lives, there are certain forces that shape our destiny more than others.

Feng Shui is an understanding of the natural forces of the universe and how interactions between the two can be used to move us in the direction of happiness. If understood and used properly, it can increase our chance of attaining good health, success, prosperity and happiness.

In Feng Shui for Personal Harmony, Gary Khor demystifies the subject, separating fact from fantasy. His common-sense, easy-to-follow approach will help you understand how Feng Shui works, enabling you to bring harmony to your life at home, work and in you relationships.

GRANDMASTER GARY KHOR studied under a sixth-generation Feng Shui master and in 1976 founded the Australian Academy of Tai Chi, now the leading Tai Chi school in Australia and the largest outside of China. He writes monthly Feng Shui features for a women's health magazine and is the author of Living Chi which is published by Simon & Schuster.

Watch a video of Grandmaster Gary Khor explaining Feng Shui on Channel 9 news

Watch Grandmaster Gary Khor on SBS in "Small Business Secrets" Season 1 Episode 7 explain how Feng Shui works in the environment and real estate properties (Time Frame: 6:50 - 9:15, first section of video).

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